Diabetic Diet

Part of being a diabetic is understanding and regulating your blood sugar levels, especially when you’re in the first few months of being diagnosed. Knowing what to eat and when is crucial to your diabetic diet.

One of the main issues I had to quickly overcome is my sweet tooth. I would eat for fun, a pack of chocolate biscuits per day, at least two apple pies and ice cream for desert after dinner. This routine went on for at least eleven years, hence now being diabetic.  Being a lover of Beer did not help my cause, I would easily consume on a daily basis two pints without thinking this could be potentially damaging to my health. It was only when I had visited my doctor and we went through my diet was the amount of sugar in Beer revealed.

So two months ago I visited a dietician in the attempt to reduce as much sugar from my diet as possible. First steps were to establish a way in which I could substitute my beer addiction. The doctor recommended that I start by only drinking beer that did not contain sugar. Before my diagnoses I was not even aware this type of beer existed, now just the very thought of drinking a beer without the sweet taste turned me off. I decided to try a few brands that had been advertised in the supermarkets, the first brand was Bavaria, whilst it had the fizz and the froth, and it did not have the lovely sweet taste I craved.  Unimpressed I then moved on and tried K1 Beer, hoping for a better experience I was sadly disappointed again. It suddenly dawned on me, it was not beer I like and craved it was sugar and fizz, and this revelation prompted me to test Light Ginger Beer. Not expecting a great deal after my experiences with Beer, to my surprise I absolutely loved the taste and the loss of sugar was not a problem. So if you’re like me, and looking for a solution to substitute beer look no further than Ginger Beer, light of course.

The  following part of the my diet on the agenda was finding a diabetic ice cream, the Doctor had advised rather than attempting to go cold turkey I should seek a diabetic versions of each highly sugared item I ate on a regular basis. Knowing how frequently I immersed ice cream into my diet I was expecting a similar experience to the bear whereby I continued to jump from one brand to another. However on this occasion I was surprisingly impressed with the taste and the texture and even the flavouring of Frank’s ice cream from Tesco’s. Suffice to say I not only bought one, I bought as much as could fit into my freezer.

Being a big Chocolate fan I was very concerned about the fact that low sugared sweets and chocolates would not do it for me and eventually I would just go back and pick at milk chocolate bar. The doctor, whose wife is also diabetic recommend that I try Cavalier Milk and or Aztec Spiced dark Chocolate. The outcome of my experiment is the Aztec was yuk and the Cavalier was passable. As of the time of writing I’m still searching for the perfect diabetic chocolate which will eventually stop me craving the real thing. The search continues.


Speaking with a few work colleagues and revealing my condition the topic of mobile apps came up as a vehicle of information for people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. The idea would be, developing a mobile app specifically for diabetics and giving them dietary advice whilst also building a strong community. Where each person can share their tips and foods they recommend to the whole group. Potentially we could create meet up groups and support networks, making it very social. So taking action I’ve taken my mobile app idea to a company who had previously carried out some design and SEO work for one of my work colleague. The company has grasped the idea and have come back to me with a number of recommendations of which I have taken on board from a functionality perspective.

So all I can say at this moment in time is watch this space. When I have more details I will of course share and let you know when you can download the best mobile app for diabetics.